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September 25, 2012

My First “Apple” Product

Filed under: Gadgets — Leon @ 9:00 am

Nest Thermostat No it’s not the new iThing[Phone, Pad, Pod, etc…] and it’s not really part of Apple anymore. Its the Nest, a smart thermostat designed by former Apple engineers. I was looking for a replacement thermostat for my central air system that had a bit more functionality than say a light switch and this seemed like the simplest DIY solution. Nest can be controlled remotely via WiFi (+Android app) and learns your schedule as well as temperature preferences over time. It has motion sensors to tell when you are home and does nifty calculations like determining the time until a desired temperature will be reached. Installation was straight forward and it seems to work as advertized (still need to see if it will save me any money on my winter heating bill). The closest competing product is from ecobee but it costs a bit more. Honeywell, the market leader, is completely out of the running since the company does’t want their systems to be installed by mere humans. In true Apple fashion, Nest does not integrate with any other home automation system but there are rumors of some integration features coming in next year’s model. I’m looking forward to the day when my Roomba can tell the Nest to turn the heat up when it’s wheels are cold.