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June 4, 2013

My Roomba’s Companion: Dyson DC44 Animal

Filed under: Gadgets,Personal — Leon @ 8:05 pm

DC44I love my Roomba but there are many places where it cannot reach. A full sized vacuum would be overkill for my apartment and would take up too much space. This is why think the Dyson DC44 Animal is a perfect companion to the Roomba. It is small, powerful, and conveniently hangs (and charges) inside my closet. I can use it as an upright vacuum for spots requiring more suction than the Roomba can muster and as a small hand-held to get under the bed, inside closets and bathrooms, and for the car. It holds its charge well, is light weight, and is easy to clean. I sometimes find myself walking around the apartment with the DC44 in hand looking for dust bunnies to zap. I don’t think the DC44 could serve as a whole-house vacuum on its own, but, with the Roomba at its side, I think it will suffice. Sure it is pricy but you pay for the quality and convenience (and you can sometimes find it on Amazon for 25% off retail price). It’s also cheaper than any of the Dyson full size/upright models. Neither the Roomba nor the Dyson DC44 require purchasing additions accessories such as vacuum bags or lubricants so I hope the two can live long and productive lives with minimal maintenance costs.