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September 28, 2013

Splash Screen for ASP.NET Site

Filed under: Software Dev — Leon @ 10:09 am

Loading ASP.NET can be used to create powerful and efficient web applications; however, there are times when users will experience a lag during the initial connection to the site. Even though subsequent page requests during the user’s session will be much faster, that initial lag will create a perception of sluggishness. This issue is due to ASP.NET dynamically compiling the site and loading it into the cache of the IIS application pool. The actual duration of the lag depends on many factors including the complexity of the site and the IIS configuration. There are many discussions online about ways to address this perceived problem which include 1) Precompilation prior to deployment 2) configuring IIS to hold on to the cache of compiled web applications longer and 3) using site warmup scripts. In this post, I will describe another option: the use of a site splash screen. (more…)